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I am a pro comic artist currently working for Avatar Press and AC Comics.
Follow me on Facebook. Check out my home page and friend me.
Eric Alan Nelson

For Sale

Original Art for Sale! Please , Check out my Store @

Contact me!

Available for Commission pin ups and pages. Contact me.

Hentai Foundry link....…

Experience and Booklist

Boneyard Press
Sever: The Devil's Advocate #1-#5(Issues #3-#5 unpublished)

Hardcore Studios
Sever: The Devil's Advocate #0

Mirth #1
Pencils/ Inks/ Colors

Maelstrom Media
Tales of the Galactic Enforceres #0

RBG Promotions
Imani the Killer
Issues #1-#2

Maelstrom Media
Issues#1-#6 (To be published)

Red Crow Comics
Penciler/Inker/Colors/ Letterer

AC Comics
FemForce #151 "Threeta"

FemForce #153 "Growing Feelings"

FemForce #159- Fantasia story.

Avatar Press
Calico (To be published)
Penciler and Inker

Triple Threat
Penciler, Inker and Colorist

The Adventures of Dr. Mace Masoch
Penciler and Inker

Hardcore Studios
Devil Redd


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The best real life wrestling couple currently is... 

10 deviants said Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
8 deviants said C.M. Punk / A.J. Lee
6 deviants said John Cena / Nikki Bella
5 deviants said Brock Lesnar / Sable
3 deviants said Daniel Bryan / Brie Bella
3 deviants said Other
2 deviants said Rusev / Lana
1 deviant said Jimmy Uso / Naomi
1 deviant said Stardust / Eden
No deviants said Tyson Kidd / Natalya


Page work availability. I am scheduled to pencil Devil Redd #!, Salta #2 and Planet Ido #2 but none this month upcoming. If you or someone is looking for a penciler for their book/project, contact me.
I've had a couple of potential commissioners vanish, So, If you are looking for some artwork, please send me a message.
I just loved this...

I’ve got some bad news, writers.  In comics, the artist works harder than we do.  On a simple one to one basis, they just plain work harder.  A writer can easily write a script a week (or at least, should be able to.) An artist has to spend an entire month on the art.  That’s a 1:4 ratio.  That means that when there’s money to be had, the artist deserves to be paid first.  You, as a writer, can take other jobs.  You can have a day job and still do your job.  An artist, delivering on a monthly book, 99.9% of the time, can’t.  It might be ‘your idea’ and you might have spent 'months researching it’ but, this is a collaborative art.  It’s a partnership.  You and your artist are married, but, as unequal partners.  You can sleep around with other artist, they’re stuck only with you.  

And. They. Should. Be. Paid. For. That. Loyalty.

I’ve heard a few stories from a few friends who are in situations where there’s an advance or a page rate and the writer takes 50% leaving the artist with their 'fair’ share, which is not enough money to actually live on AND execute the project.  I was shocked BOTH times, but I suppose I shouldn’t be.  

Everyone THINKS they work hard.  Hell, I think I work hard. I’m writing 5 creator owned series, a work for hire comic series, plus working on a tv show and a cartoon series.  And y'know what? I still have more free time than any of my collaborators.  

Should everyone profit from the collaboration, absolutely, but, advances and page rates those are not profits. Those are costs.  Those are the hard costs of the sacrifice your partners are making in order to complete the project.  Do I wish I could get paid up front for my creator owned work? Absolutely.  But you know what I prefer?  My partners making a living wage that allows them to actually MAKE THE BOOKS. 

Caveat, obviously, every situation is different, and in full disclosure, on one of my books, there is no page rate, and the profits are minimal, and the artist and I split that money 50/50, but it’s by agreement, not by greed.  Y'see, we’ve always treated each other fairly, so when we saw what the financial outlook of the book is we had a conversation about it.  I didn’t just decide to take that money.  

Long story short. Don’t be an asshole. Appreciate that your partners are undoubtedly working as hard, more likely, harder than you are, and give them the support and love they deserve.


eric nelson
United States
Current Residence: Western Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: R&B
Favourite photographer: Jose Manchado
Favourite style of art: Comic
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: PC
Skin of choice: Tan
Favourite cartoon character: Captain Marvel (Shazam!)
Personal Quote: Since you're looking at my work, Check out the rest of my gallery

Personal faves of art I have done...

I work on a commission basis whether it's page work or pin ups. I DO NOT DO "FREE" ARTWORK or BACK END PAYMENT. PRYMAL PAGE 3 low rez by ericalannelsonSupercrush 4 by ericalannelsonPowergirl topless copy by ericalannelsonSupercrush 2 copy by ericalannelsonGiantess CatWoman Night at the Museum 4 by ericalannelsonCoco at the Gym Part 3 by ericalannelsonTool Gal breaks out by ericalannelsonGenetic Jean 1 copy by ericalannelsonGreen Lantern Commission copy by ericalannelsonThe Violation of UltiMaiden by ericalannelsonGiantess Tara ink copy by ericalannelsonUrsa's Bathroom Intrusion 3 Digital Paint by ericalannelsonGiantess Amy Pond over London by ericalannelsonPrymal Digital Paint 2 by ericalannelsonGirl of Destruction by ericalannelsonGiantess CatWoman Night at the Museum 1 by ericalannelsonDate Masamune Cosplay Commission by ericalannelsonLuz's Slut strut by ericalannelsonSpirit of the Vampire by ericalannelsonKat Love by ericalannelsonCarwash by ericalannelsonNude Buffy Avatar by ericalannelsonTicklish Prymal by ericalannelsonX-Treme Rogue vs Ms Marvel by ericalannelsonReflected Sluts by ericalannelsonMirth#1 Wraparound Cover by ericalannelsonLuz bound and gagged by ericalannelsonGiant Amy copy by ericalannelsonLiz beyond reason by ericalannelsonKatsuko Victorious by ericalannelsonSuspended Luz by ericalannelsonSuper Tootsies by ericalannelsonAmerican Muscle by ericalannelsonLady Titan Page 1 color by ericalannelsonSpidey 201 colored by ericalannelsonGiantess Prussia by ericalannelsonKryptonian Faceoff 3 by ericalannelsonPrymal Kick 3 by ericalannelsonFantastic Lin vs Endgame 2 by ericalannelsonLuz Bound by ericalannelsonGiant Heroic Age by ericalannelsonKryptonian Faceoff 2 by ericalannelsonGiantess Kaguya Nanbu by ericalannelsonThe Crucifixion of Red the Paladin by ericalannelsonGamers by ericalannelsonNude Space Hobbit by ericalannelsonKimberly's Rampage by ericalannelsonPrymal Kick 2 by ericalannelsonSuperwoman Luthor 2 by ericalannelsonIscariot 1 by ericalannelsonPrymal kick by ericalannelsonShala in flight by ericalannelsonHeidi's new tan by ericalannelsonEnter the Fantastic 3 by ericalannelsonMindy Marvel Commission 4 by ericalannelsonDarkstar 3 by ericalannelsonKitty Lockheed vs The Brood by ericalannelsonThe Cell Door Opens by ericalannelsonAngel Blade by ericalannelsonWonder Woman by ericalannelsonThe Scarlet Witch by ericalannelsonDressing of Red the Paladin by ericalannelsonThunderbird in the SW by ericalannelsonSangos Valentine by ericalannelsonTop Heavy color by ericalannelsonSpidey 301 by ericalannelsonClaudia Torso study 1 by ericalannelsonFantastic Lin in green by ericalannelsonThe Bath of Red the Paladin by ericalannelsonThe Descent by ericalannelsonEnter the Fantastic 3 by ericalannelsonMarla Allison Commission by ericalannelsonSupergirl BatWoman inked by ericalannelsonDejah Thoris by ericalannelsonPrincesses of Power by ericalannelsonMeggan over London by ericalannelsonPrymal in a tree 3 colored by ericalannelsonCammys vs Rufus by ericalannelsonFeral Kitty Unleashed by ericalannelsonUpside Uncensored by ericalannelsonSever 6 Page 9 1995 by ericalannelsonTrue Love 3 by ericalannelsonJustice Society by ericalannelsonSpidey Doc Oc by ericalannelsonAegis returns by ericalannelsonRed Sonja by ericalannelsonGrowing Feelings pg 1 by ericalannelsonPrincess Unicorn Design by ericalannelsonThe Lineup by ericalannelsonThunderbird nude commission by ericalannelsonOlga Commission by ericalannelson
This is the tip of the iceberg. Lots more in the gallery. Take a look inside.

Commission FAQ

Before you ask... NO, I DO NOT DO "FREE" ARTWORK!!! Do not contact me and waste both of our time.

These prices DO NOT include backgrounds. Background pricing will be extra and depend on the content.

Pencil- $35.00 per figure
Ladies of the Night by ericalannelsonWarlock vs Thanos by ericalannelsonGiantess preview 2 by ericalannelson

Pencil and Ink $50.00 per figure
Avatar piece by ericalannelsonBunnies page 1 by ericalannelsonGotham Girls by ericalannelson

Simple Style Color $70.00 per figure
X-Treme Rogue vs Ms Marvel by ericalannelsonLady Titan Page 1 color by ericalannelsonGiantess Prussia by ericalannelsonGiantess Tara ink copy by ericalannelsonFeral Kitty Unleashed by ericalannelson

Digital Painting $100.00 per figure
Date Masamune Cosplay Commission by ericalannelsonTool Gal breaks out by ericalannelsonPrymal Digital Paint 2 by ericalannelsonLuz's Slut strut by ericalannelsonPrymal Digital Painting by ericalannelsonUrsa's Bathroom Intrusion 3 Digital Paint by ericalannelson
Backgrounds are extra and the pricing depends on the background.

Just to answer a few FAQs. Commissions at this stage are going to average around two weeks for completion due to page work I am doing for publishers.

If you do not want you commission posted on my DA page or to have it watermarked to prevent downloading LET ME KNOW! Most individuals want there commission posted here for maximum exposure. IF YOU DO NOT REQUEST TO HAVE YOUR PIC WATERMARKED OR NOT POSTED, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE POSTED HERE.

This time also will vary depending on the size of the commission and the amount of commission work I have lined up. All delivery times are estimated.

If you request sketches of the commission before the drawing is done, It will delay completion time while waiting on approval to complete the work. This may mean that your work may be moved back to the next batch.

Design work will cost more and will also delay the time of completion.

For pagework, sketches will be sent before penciling of a page. The penciled page will be sent before inking or coloring. Any adjustments or corrections must be made before inking a coloring. You cannot un-ink a page.

The original artwork becomes my property unless the commissioner has worked out the terms to purchase the original art.

Regular Commission rates are listed above

Original artwork in my gallery is for sale (if I haven't sold it already). Inquire to me if interested in a particular piece for pricing.


Current Commissions

Status guide
Sketching :star:
Penciling :star::star:
Inking :star::star::star:
Coloring :star::star::star::star:
CHILLER'S CLICK commission :star::star::star::star:
:icontigerrrsharrrk: Bikini girl :star::star:
:iconpordnus3: Voyeur Zombie



Happy birthday
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Would you like to join my group?
Fri Jul 8, 2011, 3:10 PM
Thanks for the faves and watch!
Sat Mar 12, 2011, 10:44 AM
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Mon Oct 25, 2010, 8:39 AM
Happ New Year Eric!
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